Green Eggs

A friendly recipe sharing experience


Green Eggs is a recipe sharing app for iOS and Android. Green Eggs lets users create recipes in simple steps and share them with the world! Users can also search a large database of recipes, finding recipes that suit their dietary and allergy requirements.

About Us

We are Edward Jones, Victor Ying, Andrew Wilkie, Dimitri Zvolinski, Wambugu Mutahi and Xiaoyao Zhang. We are students at the University of Wollongong. Together we make up the Green Eggs Team.


Create Recipes

With Green Eggs you can create and submit a recipe in seconds. Simply fill out our simple step-by-step form, and you'll be sharing your favourite recipes in no time!

Social Network

Green Eggs includes many of the same features you'll be familiar with from most other social networks. Our app features a following system, like system and commenting system.

Advanced Recipe Searching

Struggling to find a good recipe that suits everyone's needs? Green Eggs can help you! Simply use our advanced recipe search tools to find recipes that suit you and your allergies or dietary preferences. You can even search for recipes that don't contain an ingredient you don't like!

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Who is the target market for Green Eggs?

We have designed Green Eggs to be used by everyone, but we anticipate that the app will be mostly used by non-technical users, including parents and grandparents. We have accommodated this market by creating a simple, friendly user interface and have included simple English instructions where appropriate.

Does Green Eggs have a user manual?

Yes, it does! The user manual can be found here.

Why is it called Green Eggs?

The name Green Eggs is inspired by the title of the infamous Dr Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham. We chose this name as it evokes positive feelings, and informs users that our app is simple, friendly and non-threatening, just like the book.

How is Green Eggs different from other recipe apps?

Unlike other apps, Green Eggs is available on iOS and Android, making the platform open to more people. Green Eggs also places a larger emphasis on empowering the user. We let users filter out recipes based on their allergies and dietary requirements. No more searching for hours to find the right recipe for you!

What technology does Green Eggs use?

Green Eggs is developed in TypeScript. It has a React Native frontend and NodeJS backend. We use GraphQL as a query language for our API and PostgreSQL for our database. The API is hosted with Heroku and we use an S3 bucket for cloud file storage.

Is the source code available?

Yes! The whole project is open source and can be found on GitHub here and here.


Note: We are currently waiting for approval in order to submit to the Play Store and the App Store.


The Android app can be downloaded as an APK here. For instructions on how to install the APK, read here.


The iOS app can be downloaded as a simulator build here. For instructions on running the simulator build, read here.